• Disc Jockeying is a fast growing career and often a career that many young people decide to pursue, giving this career a try as it almost guarantees a shortcut to fame. With many new radio channels opening up in towns and the demand for great disk jockeys increasing, the recognition of the special profession is rising.

    Job Profile

    Disc jockeys are simply not compensated to blab. They need to play audio as well and tell listeners about actors, musicians, movies and actors; they are full-time entertainers.

    They're the ones who bring home the singer's voice, musicians in addition to talents of a myriad of celebrities from the entertainment world. They also share stories about current news events and also help keep listeners current on time and weather.

    Disc jockeys answer listeners' questions and play host to celebrities and experts on the air. They are the faceless friends whom we always aspire to meet and we can turn to at any time of the day. Read more information click Indy DJ Connect: Your favorite Indianapolis DJ's

    A Career As A Disc Jockey

    Educational Qualifications and Basic Requirements

    Presently, there are no specific schools or short-term courses for disc jockeys. But nowadays there are crash courses for voice modulation available. A pleasant voice is a requirement for this job. Other factors that are essential along with having a good voice include a sense of humor, good knowledge of music, as well as presence of mind to answer witty questions. But if you want to excel in your profession then it will be helpful to acquire a degree in mass communications. Conversely, all radio channels have their own requirements.

    A disc jockey's voice must be very sociable and should also carry an attitude, but should not be pompous. Being a disc jockey requires a lot of presence of mind and hard work; for example, if you say something wrong or controversial on the air, you must know how to cover it up and how you can carry on with the show.

    The radio's target audience ranges from the age of 18-60 years. Accordingly, a disc jockey should have fresh ideas and concepts and a fresh voice to capture listeners of all generations.

    A disc jockey should have a thorough knowledge of music and should be very succinct and to the point with words. They need to know how to present different musical styles and how to keep people engrossed and entertained - keeping people involved and interested in the radio station directly affects the stations' number of listeners and profits.

    Disc jockeys should have great diction and understanding about what they're playing. Just like senior professionals in this area, a radio jockey shouldn't ever use four letter words and should weigh his or her words before speaking.

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